How Mukunda Foods is Helping restaurants function smoothly in current times

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], August 5: In May 2021, Sukh Sagar Medical College and Hospital from Jabalpur started seeing a surge in the number of patients due to the second wave of Covid-19. The situation also led to the higher number of food orders for the Hospital canteen run by Tasty Food Café, and the staff shortage added to the challenges. That’s when Tasty Food Cafe started looking for a solution and installed an automatic dosa machine at their outlet.

Tasty Food café is just one of the incidences to mention. Pandemic changed the way restaurants and hotels were working. There was a shift from Dine-in to a Delivery model, leading to more and more cloud kitchens. In addition to this, there was also a concern regarding the availability of skilled labour because of reverse migration. Hygiene and safety became a priority for the business owners in the post covid world. The scenario led to people becoming more receptive to technological advancements, and Kitchen automation solutions could easily bridge these gaps.

Mukunda Foods, a kitchen automation solution provider from Bangalore, onboarded three times more customers in FY 2019-2020 than the previous financial year. Many of their customers were cloud kitchen owners looking for a solution that could help them maintain food consistency while minimizing the meal prep time to reduce the delivery time.

In a statement, Eshwar K Vikas, Co-founder, and CEO, Mukunda Food, shared, “The commercial kitchens always needed Automation, but people were not able to make out the long-term benefits. But successive lockdowns accelerated their receptiveness towards automating their kitchens. They started understanding that Automation is not only about reducing turnaround time and maintaining food consistency, but it also helps in reducing the operational cost.”

Mukunda Food’s machines aim to automate simple steps in Indian dishes that broadly impact food taste. They have automated over 14 cuisines & the popular ones that make Chinese food, Pizzas, Dosas, Chai, Biryani, Fried food, Khichdi & many others. The machines are also IOT enabled that help automations work at their best of capabilities and give decision-makers of business a lot more control over their businesses like setting up the recipes based on their Sops. They can also modify it from the central location whenever they want. These processes have been installed at around over 3000 kitchens across 22 countries to put for companies like Rebel Foods, Ola Foods, ITC, Chaayos, Swiggy, Wow Momo, etc.