‘Bajre Da Sitta’ gets an International makeover by The Musical Genius ‘Janapriyan Levine’

California (USA), October 12: Old wine, new bottle! Presenting ‘Bajre Da Sitta’ by California based Music Producer Janapriyan Levine. Fond of Indian music culture, he perfectly blends in traditional melodies with an exceptional twist in the latest release sung by the gifted voice ‘Meenal Jain’.

“I could listen to other people’s renditions of these folk songs but I’m more curious about what is in my own heart and how I can compliment or contrast the sound of the singer’s voice as it is. Meenal has a rich, warm tone; a skillful and feminine sound. The culture is in the voice and that’s a great place to start”, says the music creator Janapriyan Levine.

An explorer at the frontier where East meets West, this self-made multi-instrumentalist has branded himself by his unique sound. “It’s an international collaboration that happened during the pandemic. I am in my studio in California, playing all the instruments as I do, forming the song. Meenal is performing her piece in India, so therefore she’s on television as seen in the video. The mannequins, tape machines, cut out people, lava lamps, oscilloscopes, those are the gears and cranks of my laboratory where the pot gets churned. Why be the same as everyone else when you can be fabulous?” he adds.

Hailing from New York City, living in California, Janapriyan has a long musical history with many popular artists in and out of India. He recorded his first solo album in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 2001. He has since produced original music with Shweta Subram (the voice of Jalebi baby), south india’s Varijashree Venugopal, The Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan, Veena maestro Rajesh Vaidya, playback singer SuvarnaTiwari, and many more. Collaborating with some of India’s well-known singers, he is releasing a series of songs each month that feature vocalists in variations to music on his youtube and social media channels.

Known for helping to create the Facebook Sound Collection which is a warehouse of original music to serve the users of Facebook and Instagram, much of the Indian music there was single-handedly written or curated by this internationally-minded music producer. Janapriyan Levine is a rare musical phenomenon. This self-made multi-instrumentalist has produced a significant catalogue of songs that feature Grammy award-winning artists and many of India’s favourite vocalists.

One can visit below link to watch the song Bajre Da Sitta (featuring Meenal Jain)


Song Credits:

Bajre Da Sitta

Song and lyrics – Surinder Kaur

Music/Production/Video – Janapriyan Levine

Vocals – Meenal Jain

Mix/Master – Aftab Khan

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Contact: 9987271744