RatanCoin, the Revolutionary Multi-Utility Token

How RatanCoin is changing the future of Utility-Tokens

India, December 04: As the world continues to form its divided opinions around cryptocurrencies, there are other use cases built on blockchain technologies such as Utility-Tokens. The good thing about utility tokens is that they are going to be unaffected by the regulations suggested by any government across the world and can give equally great returns to investors as more and more circulation happens. This makes utility tokens a more rewarding and safer investment when it comes to leveraging the blockchain.

One of such high potential utility-tokens is RatanCoin, which was conceptualised with the vision to enhance the trust of people in the upcoming technologies. RatanCoin is the world’s first asset value validation coin which helps in evaluating and providing complete transparency in terms of the ownership and the fair market value of all your digital assets. It is built on Polygon Chain and is inspired by the Sanskrit word ‘Ratna’ which means ‘a jewel’.

As seen before, people buy stuff for a few dollars and sell it for exorbitant amounts. There also have been people who have been scamming people and conducting rug-pulls very frequently. RatanCoin was launched to prevent such things and build a more inclusive ecosystem by including the real value of the asset and details regarding the previous purchase and sale of the digital asset.

To accelerate the acceptability of RatanCoin, the creators are launching their own projects in Ratan Network which will operate in domains of NFTs, Gaming, Digital Asset Marketplace and Trading Platforms. They are also in talks with private investors to raise funds to build these so that they can have a very solid foundation.

RatanCoin’s positive presence in the industry aims to create a more personal link between technology and users. They already have an active community on Twitter, Telegram and Facebook, and have already conducted an oversubscribed airdrop round.

How and Why?

But how functional is RatanCoin really? RatanCoin as a token is already under development and is being tested through the projects of Ratan Network. They have already released their first project – ‘Ratan of Ages’ which is an NFT collection listed on OpenSea. The next application of RatanCoin will be on Metahics, the digital graphics stock platform which will provide themes and templates for graphic designers which can be purchased through RTN. This will be followed by Flux Games wherein users will be rewarded by RTN for playing games. The development of this is going in full swing, with an estimated release in the first quarter of 2022. Fourthly, they will be having a trading automation tool named ‘God of Trade’ which will be the most advanced tool to validate and check the real value before trading any currency. They even have 4 more projects lined up for the year 2022 to make the journey of RTN holders more rewarding.

Presale is coming on 07/12/2021

RatanCoin plans to be the first step in building trust among the users of Ratan Network. And to make it successful, the coin will be launched via pre-sale which is already around the corner, starting from 7th December 2021 and will be live for one week. The total funds raised through the pre-sales shall contribute towards the liquidity of the token with a lock-in period of one year to ensure stability.

The Future of Ratan Network

The successful implementation of RatanCoin and its implementation in the first 4 projects are just a start. In the next 3 years, RatanCoin is aiming high and intends to scale up globally, all while creating strong technological developments.

The roadmap outlined in RatanCoin’s Whitepaper highlights the company’s future plans. After the presale, which is coming soon in December 2021, the next steps include auditing the company’s finances, implementing the token, and listing it on all major price-tracking platforms.

Once RatanCoin is released, it is expected to reach 10 times its price within the first 24 hours thanks to the 20% liquidity lock. Apart from the financial strategy, on a broader scale, the value of RatanCoin is linked to the success of Ratan Network, the development of the 4 projects, and the initiatives planned for the coming years.

With RatanCoin in circulation as a token, RatanCoin.com and the other business lines will be ready to be developed and advanced in order to support the global expansion of the company.

More information about RatanCoin

RatanCoin is a utility token that aims to revolutionize the blockchain-based assets market. It was founded in India in 2021. Karan Bindal, the CEO, had this vision to create a token that would help people get more trust in technology and prevent people from taking unfair advantage of newcomers or people with lesser knowledge. Starting with the projects of Ratan Network, they plan to integrate it with other providers and platforms in this domain. With a constantly expanding team and clarity of the road ahead, RatanCoin is surely bound to scale enormously ahead.

To know more, visit – https://www.ratancoin.com, https://twitter.com/ratancoin https://www.facebook.com/ratancoins, and https://t.me/ratancoin