Snapbizz Retail Digital Solutions partners with Boost Indonesia to provide digital financial solutions

Bengaluru (India), December 29: Snapbizz, a leading retail digital solution provider in India, has partnered with Boost, the fintech arm of Axiata Digital (the digital services arm of Axiata Group Berhad, one of the largest Telecom companies in Indonesia), to cater to the digital financial needs of numerous mom-and-pop stores (warungs) in Southeast Asia’s largest country, Indonesia.

Snapbizz helps convert traditional stores into smart stores and to operate them more efficiently. It also helps in integration with the online world to both retain current customers and acquire new ones, and integration with all key stakeholders of the ecosystem for the supply of goods, money and promotions. Because of its holistic features, easy adoption and value propositions to the merchant and its ecosystem partners, Snapbizz has become more relevant during the pandemic by not only helping merchants survive but also helping them grow their business.

Snapbizz has provided its solutions to thousands of stores in India and now is extending its solutions to the Indonesian retail sector. The solutions comprise POS systems, procurement portal and invoice financing that have been customised according to the specific needs of retail merchants in the Indonesian market. This will enable them to run their business more efficiently and generate higher revenue. By next year, Snapbizz plans to roll out its suite of digital financial solutions to other countries in Southeast Asia as well.

Mr. Prem Kumar, Founder and CEO of SnapBizz, says: “Small retail stores are the backbone of Indonesia’s growing retail economy and will benefit hugely from easy access to our customised suite of digital solutions. The partnership is testimony to our DNA of developing handcrafted technology for small merchants to achieve a suitable product-market fit. This is an endorsement of our modular technology design and secure architecture that lends itself to be adapted to multiple use cases in a very agile and robust manner. We are also excited to be chosen by Boost as its business partner to create an embedded finance platform to drive inclusive growth & change through digitisation.”

Mr. Sheyantha Abeykoon, CEO of Boost, says, “The partnership with Snapbizz is an important step in our long-term endeavour to promote financial inclusion across various levels of entrepreneurs in Indonesia and the region, and to ensure that merchants have easy access to digital tools so that they can leverage the deep benefits of digitalisation in their day-to-day operations.”

About Snapbizz

Headquartered in Bengaluru, SnapBizz provides new-age solutions to convert the neighbourhood Kirana stores into smart stores. It comes with a host of features to enable the store owner to leverage his current strengths to gain a competitive edge and increase store profitability. SnapBizz currently has a network of 50,000+ stores growing rapidly across India that collectively do a business (GMV) of approx. $1 Billion/year.  We are privileged to have the support and trust of not only the merchants but also ecosystem partners like national banks, brands and philanthropic organisations in delivering an inclusive transformation of a well-oiled ecosystem & become the digital highway for goods & money in an inclusive manner. This initiative will help Kiranas not only survive but also thrive.

Snapbizz’s vision is to be at the forefront of the digital transformation of the retail ecosystem across countries with fragmented retail markets.

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About Boost

Boost is the fintech arm of Axiata Digital that unifies financial services spanning payments, artificial intelligence (AI)-based alternative lending, digital insurance, cross border content services and merchant solutions. Its businesses are streamlined into four core brands to serve a regional consumer and enterprise customer base with the aim of establishing a Malaysia-headquartered regional financial services powerhouse:

Boost Life: The Boost eWallet business that launched in 2017, focuses on consumer lifestyle offerings such as online and offline retail payments, bill settlement, insurance and transportation & transit use cases with new features constantly introduced.

Boost Biz: The merchant business that offers a payment platform for enterprises of all sizes, business tools and digitalisation solutions.

Boost Credit: Formerly Aspirasi, it houses the micro-financing & micro-insurance business and is a pioneering Digital Alternative financier in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Boost Connect: Formerly Apigate, a predominantly payment facilitation business that aggregates and distributes content via a seamless API platform.

Boost makes transactions and financing easier, faster, secure and overall, a more rewarding experience by combining deep fintech, in-house data and AI to meet growing and evolving market demand. Since its inception in 2017 as a digital payments provider with Malaysia’s first major eWallet, Boost is rapidly evolving into a broader digital financial services provider today, with micro-merchants and SMEs (MSMEs) being a key focus segment.

Users can download Boost from the Google Play Store, App Store or the HUAWEI AppGallery.

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