Healer Amiben Modi: Omicron has affected all of us. It is crucial to not let fear and apprehensions get to you

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January 10: Summing up the experience of 2021, Amiben Modi says the year was challenging but also added a layer of comfort. The  healer shares being blessed with an addition in her family got hitched. However, the loss of a close family member in an accident was devastating.

“While I saw a massive growth in my kids, it was definitely difficult to let my son go to the US for his graduation. However, nothing makes me feel as lucky as 2021 did. Life is all about changes, if we enjoy the positive changes, we must endure and brace ourselves through the downfalls,” she adds.

As a spiritual person, the highlight of the year 2021 for her has been the development of her insight into her own self. “Every emotion was heightened, every pain was greater and every feeling was deeper. This enabled me to escape into the realms of spirituality and seek solace as that brought me a great sense of relief. It made me fall into love with spirituality all over again as I was reminded about the power of the same. While it let me embrace every feeling and emotion that I felt, it also gave me a greater strength to be vulnerable, but not let it get to me, hence, helping me discover the deeper waters of spirituality, which is very much in sync with our human needs,” she says.

Sharing her spiritual guidance and how one can keep calm in 2022, Amiben adds, “The first step towards keeping calm, I realised, is to stop trying. One must observe things as a spectator. Whenever any situation gets to you, you must give yourself the space first, before thinking about giving space to the others. Giving yourself the time to process things is extremely important. Don’t try to calm yourself down, it doesn’t help. Try giving yourself some breathing time. Take a walk, process and then act. My spiritual guidance for 2022 will always be to find your faith. Try aligning yourself with your surroundings. Without faith, life is futile. Faith could be in anything, it could be in yourself, in your guru, family, God or even in your work. Faith brings hope, motivation, happiness and peace.”

On what one should do to create balance in their life, she says, that people always tend to create a stark demarcation between personal and professional life, and that doesn’t always help.

She explains, “You’re the same person, maybe with different personalities, but they always end up affecting each other. One will always take greater time and mental space than the other, especially when in conflict. What one must strive for is to create a healthy environment that can maintain both these lives. That can only come with not making materialistic possessions your master and knowing when to let what go, prioritising. Start something only when you’re ready and can give your 100% to it.”

The Omicron variant has affected us all.  “While Omicron has affected all of us, be careful. And it is important not to let the fear and apprehensions get to you. One must enjoy the little things in life and as I said, find your faith. Write your ideas down and try to help others as much as you can. This is the time when you can actually do something for others. Take care of nature, animals, those who need you and ensure that if you’re capable of making any being feel better, you do it. Don’t be complacent in your endeavour to spread happiness around,” she suggests.