World Aplastic Anemia Day- Anemia Rath flagged off in Indore on the part of the anaemia awareness campaign

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], March 1: Indore’s Member of Parliament (MP), Shankar Lalwani, Padma Shri Janak Palta, and Mala Thakur flagged off the ‘Anemia Rath’ to launch the anaemia awareness campaign in the city on the part of the World Aplastic Anemia Day.

The Anemia awareness campaign has been launched by Advanced Ayush Balance Centre and Advanced Homeopathic Medical Research and Welfare Foundation in Indore.

Speaking on the flagging off ceremony of Anemia Rath, Indore MMP, Shankar Lalwani said Indore has attained the first position as the cleanest city of India. Similarly, it will become the number one city as far as health is concerned under the able leadership of Dr AK Dwivedi. “Dr. Dwivedi’s efforts in the direction of improving the health sector in Indore will prove to be a huge milestone,” said Lalwani.

Padma Shri, Janak Palta said, “Through the rath (chariot), the young generation in Indore will be given vital information about the valuable food items available in their homes. It is a very commendable effort by Dr. AK Dwivedi.”

Dr AK Dwivedi, chairman of Advanced Ayush Balance Centre and Advanced Homeopathic Medical Research and Welfare Foundation, informed that the Anemia rath would move around in the entire city of Indore, and the efforts will be to check the haemoglobin levels of healthy-looking women to know whether they have the prescribed or normal amount of haemoglobin or not.

“The very purpose of flagging off the Anemia Rath is to reach out to as many people as possible. Together, we have made Indore city clean; now, we will make it healthy too. It is important that people have to be saved from anaemia and malnutrition,” said Dr. Dwivedi.

MP Shankar Lalwani and Padmashree Janak Palta got their blood tested for anaemia. The flagging off ceremony was attended by Dr. Bhupendr Gautam, Dr. Rishabh Jain, Dr. Vivek Sharma, Dr Jitendra Puri, and a large number of students from AYUSH Medicine.