Pitchperfects sets the perfect pitches for the startups to raise funds from investors

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March 2: Fundraising is a complicated process for startups, and the system can fail at any point along the road, causing the company to lose out on major cash. However, a successful pitch to investors and preparation for demo days may lead to the businesses raising the anticipated amount of funding.

In 2021, Ritik Saxena, an MBA in marketing and logistics, realized that there are a lot of budding startups struggling to make powerful pitches to raise funds.

However, Saxena started a consultancy service in the mid of 2021 with the vision to serve the founders and to keep the process completely transparent. This became the foundation for Pitchperfects, a private limited company launched in November-21.

“Each business is unique, both in terms of the concepts it presents and the promises it makes to clients,” explains Ritik Saxena, director of Pitchperfects. “We recognised that during the fundraising process, it is not the consumers’ input that is most important, but what potential investors think of the company.” This is where Pitchperfects comes in to help the startup’s financing efforts, which are dependent on its ability to make itself and its business concepts appealing.”

Saxena is a certified pitch deck creator and has helped and mentored more than 400+ founders throughout the process.

Pitchperfects, whose base is in Jaipur and Delhi, has helped more than 100 startups in more than 15 cities with a strong team of 16 people.

Saxena said, “Our main aim is to provide fundraising-worthy decks and valuation to the investors. In a very short period of just three months of our operations, we have raised over $2 million and have tied up with multiple VC firms, Angel Investors, and Investment Bankers for the funding of startups.”

Pitchperfects works diligently for the reviewing and preparation of the startup’s pitch deck and investment deck from scratch, get the financial valuation and projections ready, prepare for the demo day for an accelerator and incubator programme and founder grooming.

Saxena said, “We have connected with multiple investment bankers and venture capitals and angel investors for funding.”