Jyotsna Reddy launches Innovation – centric Beauty brand Glam Hour

Glam Hour’s Good Formulas for Complexion Perfection & Healthy Skin

New Delhi (India), March 23: Beauty has risen to flourish at peak level post-pandemic. The trend now revolves around Hybrid products that have excellent characteristics of Makeup and skincare. Complexion products are coming up with Bridge formulations.

Glam Hour’s exclusive range of foundations is an excellent place to start if you want smooth yet skin-friendly formulas. Their formulations can be incorporated into a makeup regimen without worrying about skin inflammation when it comes to foundations. The products of this range are specially formulated with a good blend of oils and emollients from enriching sources. These Formulations of the foundations are free from the damaging effects of harmful ingredients such as lead and phthalates. Instead, they have a vault full of skin-friendly ingredients such as Plant butter plant waxes that does the job. It is needless to say Glam Hour’s foundations are perfect makeup-skincare hybrids to get a flawless complexion while achieving healthy skin.

GlamHour is an Inclusive cosmetics brand. Co-Founded by Asian social media personality Jyotsna Reddy, the brand aims to curate innovative and edgy products with skin-loving ingredients. Jyotsna is imbued to drive unexpected experiences that disrupt beauty norms and champion self-expression. Glam Hour seeks to create an inclusive and innovative makeup line. It is also the first makeup brand in India to launch its versatile and inclusive range of foundations with the goodness of ingredients. Best of all, these products are designed with intricate designs and technologies.

Another biggest perk of using Glam Hour’s makeup foundations is that your skin will be saved from the sun’s harmful rays. Thanks to its star ingredient, zinc oxide, which guards the skin against UV rays. The foundations come in 50 shades with varying undertones for everyone. Their powder and liquid formulas spread seamlessly into the skin and cover up all skin imperfections. These best-of-their-kind formulations can quench even the most parched complexion.

What else does a makeup lover need? So, start exploring Glam Hour’s makeup foundations online and shop the right shade today itself.