Portl- A Smart Mirror providing a high degree of personalization

New Delhi (India), May 2: November 2021 saw a revolutionary new products in the fitness industry. Portl is a Smart Mirror based personalised fitness and wellness device. This is a compact device that will easily fit in your home without any extra space.

The mirror serves as a personal trainer and home gym with multiple features which will help you train and work out in the comfort of your own home. Within just a few months of the product’s release, Portl has witnessed an overwhelming response and appreciation from the audience.

Positioned as a one-stop solution for all your workout and fitness needs, Portl covers every aspect of your fitness and workout journey, from suggesting the workout routine for your body type to correcting your posture; this smart mirror does it all.

The smart mirror by Portl is a powerhouse of information, providing you with access to all your fitness and workout requirements right in front of you. With Portl, one gets access to hundreds of workouts on-demand and live across HIIT, Strength, Dance Fitness, Endurance, Yoga, Mindfulness and Nutrition Coaching. The device is also equipped with bio-sensors that measure a user’s Blood pressure, Glucose, ECG, Respiratory rate and much more.

Talking about the multiple features of Portl, the CEO and Co-founder, Indraneel Gupta, said, “Portl democratizes access to high-quality personalized training and gives people the flexibility and convenience of a world-class personal trainer available to them on-demand. Consumers now have the autonomy to adopt healthier practices that fit their lifestyle actively, and Portl constantly helps improve their overall health. The combination of a stylish Smart Mirror with a high degree of workout personalization, AI-powered form-feedback, and customized Wellness services makes the Portl Studio a comprehensive, holistic health and wellness companion. Portl is ushering in a new era of personalized fitness and wellness, and we are excited about bringing Portl into every home.”

Adding on to the same, the CTO and Co-founder Vishal Chandapeta said, ”   ‘’Coming to AI in particular, over the past few years we have seen heavy adoption of algorithms and products in not only classical markets, but others as well, such as the well-known adoption and removal of AI in banking systems for generating loan approvals, or in the judicial system, where it was being used to set bail based on perceived recidivism rates as suggested by the AI. To ensure and trust such life-altering decisions to a purely mathematical system, no matter how advanced, removes the human element from the picture and should not be allowed. ”

Portl is continuously expanding its functionality by adding new features and working on making its AI better. Portl revolutionizes the personalization aspect at scale with smart sensors that correct a user’s form in real-time while performing exercises in front of the mirror. Each individual gets customised programs that ensure highly relevant and engaging content from the instructors on-demand and via live classes.

The convenience, form-factor, personalisation aspects of the Portl products shine through with the sleek Smart Mirror design; the overall product features were designed keeping in mind the evolving needs of the consumers. With Portl devices entering the homes of new users every day, the focus is catering to the entire family’s needs, and not just for the fitness enthusiasts. The fitness and wellness content caters to multiple age groups and different experience levels to ensure that they will always receive a variety of relevant and engaging fitness programming, nutrition coaching, mental wellness, and general health improvement services no matter what life stage one is at through the Portl platform.

Portl is a technology company based out of Hyderabad, India, that designs and manufactures the proprietary Portl range of Smart Mirror devices that essentially work as a Personalized and On-demand Fitness Trainer, Digital health and Wellness companion. The company aims to create affordable access to high-quality and personalized fitness and wellness by leveraging cutting-edge AI for Exercise Form-feedback and end-to-end programme personalization. The Portl Studio is the flagship product of the Portl ecosystem and is available across Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi before expanding to other cities.