First Edition of the CII Corporate Cricket League (C3L) announces the teams for the semi-finals

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New Delhi (India), May 5: The knockout matches of the C3L league were played at the Jamia Hamdard Cricket Ground, in New Delhi on 29th & 30th April. The League features India’s leading corporates including DLF, Hero MotoCorp, JK Cement, Metalman, Unity Group and Goodluck India and is supported by DLF, Escorts, BYLD, Jenika Ventures, Lotus Herbals, and Interactive Communication Services (ICONS).

The league is being played between six corporate teams across nine matches and is being scored and live streamed on the MyySports App and the CII YouTube channel.

The four teams who have qualified for the semi-finals are MM Warriors, Splendid Hero, Goodluck Heroes, and JK Panthers.

The final match of the League will be played on May 1, Sunday at 5pm.

CII aims to serve as an enabler for evangelizing sports in the country, by defining the agenda to catalyse forces of both policy-making and private enterprise – in bringing the vision of a sporting nation alive.

Mr. Madhav Singhania, Chairman, CII Delhi State and Deputy MD & CEO JK Cement Limited said, “C3L endeavours in keeping the organizations connected by creating physical interactions and team building activities, all of which was lost with the outbreak of COVID-19. It is great to see the Corporate league coming out in such impactful and professional manner like a International cricket. C3L is clearly the first of many more to come”.

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