Shri Chyawan Launches EHO Healthcare App, One-Stop Healthcare Solution to Everything

Devkar Saheb, Founder & CEO, Shri Chyawan and EHO Health Care Services

India, 20th May 2022: EHO Healthcare Services, founded by Devkar Saheb, is set to launch a mobile application called EHO, which offers a one-click solution for various healthcare services. The app includes a one-click ambulance service in which the nearest ambulance receives the notice and tracks the location to reach and post that the customers may see on the screen when the driver accepts the request.

EHO Health Care was founded in the year 2022 by Shri Chyawan to make amenities such as Ambulance, Hospitals, Medical, and Lab easy and accessible by reaching out to people through a mobile application and decreasing costly medical bills. To expedite emergency help, such as in the case of a car collision. Along with this, the user will also be able to get cashback on each of his hospital bills. The vision of Devkar Saheb is to bring a revolution in the health care sector and work towards reducing the cost of health care by 50%.

In India, about 90 crore people come from the poor and middle group, due to which they are unable to bear the expenses of health care. In road accidents and emergencies, due to a lack of proper means and treatment, there is a huge loss of life and property. EHO was created with the current circumstances and the possibility of a great opportunity in the Indian market in mind, and the entire EHO team is working continually with continuous updates.

In the year 2020, the Indian healthcare industry is expected to rise by roughly 21% over the previous year. On the other hand, according to statistics, one out of every ten people dies due to a lack of competent care, the primary cause of which is economic weakness. Every day, news about people dying in car accidents and rapes on the front pages of newspapers is observed. All of this demonstrates that the aim for which EHO has set out is enormous, and with its growing popularity, the client base will certainly grow in the coming days. Also, with increasing technological strength, the application can get market awareness.

Shri Chyawan was founded in 2018 by Devkar Saheb to boost the Indian economy, fostering employment and self-employment in India, and making it possible to serve an increasing number of people in the health care field at a low and cheap cost. Shri Chyawan founded Chyawan Ayurveda Health Care Private Limited to spread Ayurveda and Personal Care throughout India, and make indigenous goods available to as many people as possible through a distribution channel.

Presently the valuation of Shri Chyawan is 51 crores, which has been targeted to increase to 20000 crores in the next five years. Devkar Saheb ji is looking for good investors with his company and vision, so that the company can be given more growth and reach the target.

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