FoodNextDoor launches FND Mobile App To empower Home-chefs and connect them with customers

May 27: FoodNextDoor announced the launch of a mobile app called FND for home chefs. The FND (Food Next Door) app will help home chefs, mostly women entrepreneurs, connect with potential customers. The App will take care of order, delivery and packaging while assisting home chefs in selling their home-cooked food.

By downloading the App, a home chef creates her profile, adds menus, includes descriptions, and uploads photos of the prepared dishes and special cuisiner. On the other hand, the users will be able to search and discover home chefs in their vicinity, view menus and photos, order food delivery, and make payments while ordering homemade cuisines. The users can read others’ reviews as well as write one for their own experience.

FoodNextDoor is a technology platform. It is a women-led start-up with a vision to provide a platform for home-based chefs to collectively offer healthy, tasty and customized food to society and reduce the consumption of unhealthy outside foods. The team identified a gap where the home chefs struggled to expand their reach while a large section of people who love home-cooked food didn’t know how to connect with such potential customers. Using FND, users will have the same food that the home-chefs prepare for their friends and families. Thus assured of the quality of ingredients and authenticity of recipes.

India has an impressive range of food in different cultures. The majority of women are experts in cooking traditional food and do not pursue it beyond a hobby. Traditionally many Indian homemakers prefer to take care of their kids and family over a professional career, yet look for ways to support their families financially. FND will help such home-chefs earn without leaving their homes; thus, it can significantly impact a large section of society.

FND will provide all required packing containers, aprons, bags and other tools to empower the cooking business. FND is also expanding its reach by adding delivery partners. An FSSAI license or registration for a home-based food business is required to comply with regulatory standards.

The kind of FSSAI licence required depends on the size and scope of the home-based food business. FND will assist in FSSAI registration and provide all necessary assistance. FND is offering the service of FSSAI registration free to the first 100 master chefs.