An Israeli company, IAMOPS, offers on-the-job training for aspirant DevOps professionals in India!

IAMOPS – Become a certified DevOp in 6 weeks

New Delhi (India), January 17An experienced DevOps professional can easily be hired given the market’s high demand, but what if someone wants to make a fresh start?

According to the DevOps Institute, 64% of IT leaders say they can’t find skilled DevOps professionals. Companies want DevOps engineers with the right skills and experience.

How do you acquire these skills when you are just starting off? Are there any excellent opportunities for on-the-job training for aspiring DevOps professionals in India? The answer is – YES!

IAMOPS “DevOps Career Starter Program”

Israeli DevOps startup IAMOPS has launched its “DevOps Career Starter Program” to train aspiring DevOps professionals in Surat, India. It is a six-week boot camp and placement program, developed for youth with a tech background who are interested in building a career in DevOps from scratch!

This once-in-a-lifetime bootcamp is open to anyone with a B.Tech., B.E., MSc IT, BCA, MCA, or equivalent technical degree. You can also apply if you are a freshman or an engineering student in your sixth semester.

IAMOPS Bootcamp Program Details

Two stages of the bootcamp are covered within six weeks: DevOps fundamentals and becoming a Cloud Certified Associate. Getting internship certificates at the end of the bootcamp is also an option for students in college.

The DevOps fundamentals stage will cover Windows and Linux environments, computer networks, JSON, YAML, SSL, TLS, MYSQL, and MongoDB. You will also learn about cloud computing, source control management, and so much more!

In the second stage, you will learn how to deploy, manage, and operate workloads on AWS, Azure, and GCP using the management console and command-line interface (CLI). You will gain a deeper understanding of the well-architected framework, networking, security services, and the AWS global infrastructure.

You’ll also learn how to determine which cloud services are right for a given technical need and how to define AWS application requirements.

IAMOPS Bootcamp Benefits 

Not only that, IAMOPS will cover all your global certification costs and also offer you a merit-based promotion if you excel in the bootcamp.

  • Get a certificate of completion at the end of each stage.
  • Learn in-depth knowledge from industry experts.
  • Enter the DevOps field as a Junior DevOps at IAMOPS.
  • Work in a multicultural environment and gain multinational work experience.

Placement opportunities at the “IAMOPS Career Starter Program”

Besides receiving the best-in-class DevOps training, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with IAMOPS as a Junior DevOps or DevOps Associate.

Interns will have the opportunity to work with international clients and solve real-life DevOps challenges across the globe. Furthermore, they will develop cross-cultural skills as they interact with best-in-class DevOps professionals around the world.

Leader’s Insights on the “DevOps Career Starter Program”

Eyal Ahimas, CEO, IAMOPS:

“We built the bootcamp to be the best programme in the market when it comes to:

  • Theoretical Learning
  • Hands-on training
  • fun social experience

These 3 ingredients make IAMOPS bootcamp the best DevOps training program in the market.”

Roy Bernat, CTO, IAMOPS:

“This is a continuous effort.” “We are constantly learning and optimising the program.”

Niken Wadkar, India Head, IAMOPS: “Indian students don’t have many options for industrial training in DevOps; we wanted to bridge that gap by introducing them to Israel’s high-growth tech industry.”

Testimonials of Professionals Who Have Completed the Bootcamp 

Vishnu Kesav, DevOps engineer

“I didn’t know much about DevOps when I started, but I had some theoretical knowledge of Azure.” I learned most of these things during my internship. We gained a lot of hands-on experience with CI/CD and DevOps tools. Then I prepared for the Azure exam, which helped me understand cloud management even better.

Dhvani Patel, DevOps Intern (2022 batch): “There are still lots of things I need to learn; it’s a journey that never ends.” IAMOPS gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons and learn more. They took me in when I was only a beginner in DevOps, so IAMOPS has been crucial to my career. “The seniors here gave me a lot of support; they taught us and are always open to provide guidance.”

Register today to begin your journey as a DevOps professional with IAMOPS.

IAMOPS: IAMOPS provides customized DevOps, SRE, and QA automation services for start-ups and high-growth companies in Israel and the United States. We work with tech startups across various industries, including finance, telecom, entertainment, health, technology, education, defense, and security. We source the best Indian engineers and train them to be the best DevOps teams in the market. Our DevOps teams take complete charge of the DevOps practices and cloud operations so that our clients can stay focused on growth.

We dream big and work hard to solve the tech shortage problem in the high-tech world by building teams of talented Indian and Israeli engineers.

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