This 2nd-gen entrepreneur aims to make Amawat a household mouth freshener brand name

New Delhi (India), March 13: SFS & Co., a New Delhi-based manufacturer and retailer, has been making mouth fresheners and Aam Papad for over 55 years. SFS & Co. which is now run by the second generation is aiming to take it to the next level with Amawat, their new national mouth freshener brand.

Led by Ravish Goyal with his wife, Khushboo Goyal and Rahul Goyal, second-generation entrepreneurs Founded the Amawat with the vision of making Amawat a household name as India’s first national mouth freshener brand. Established in 1967, the company has been serving delicious and healthy mouth fresheners ever since.

Mukhwas: Who doesn’t love having mouth freshener after meals? Mouth fresheners have been a part of the Indian tradition for centuries. Mouth fresheners not only help in fighting bad breath but also aid indigestion. Mukhwas is a healthy habit. The mouth freshener market is huge but it is dominated by unorganized or local players. However, one company is aiming to emerge as the first national mouth freshener brand.

Goyals plan to revolutionize the Amawat with their range of premium quality mouth fresheners, mukhwas, digestive items, confectionary items, Aam Papad, Paan Mukhwas, fennel seeds (saunf), Silver Coated Items, Flavoured Dry Fruits, Dehydrated Fruits.

The Strategic Plan for Amawat :

Goyal’s strategic plan for Amawat focuses on two main goals. The first goal is to increase the consumer outreach of the brand by expanding its presence beyond Delhi and in every part of India. To do this, Goyal plans on increasing online visibility through social media campaigns and digital marketing initiatives.

The second goal is to make sure that Amawat stands out from the competition by offering unique products that are different from what other companies offer. To do this, Goyal plans on creating innovative flavors that appeal to all age groups and tastes. He also wants to focus on packaging design which will help customers distinguish between different products offered by different companies in the market.

Finally, Goyal wants to ensure that Amawat stays ahead of the competition by investing heavily in research and development (R&D). This will help them develop new products faster than their competitors while also ensuring quality control so that customers get only the best product. This strategy will help them stay ahead of trends in the market and make sure they stay relevant in an ever-evolving industry.

“We are proud of the legacy that Amawat has created as a brand. It is the most popular and trusted brand of mouth fresheners, mukhwas, Aampapad, paan, digestive items, etc. I consider it my privilege to be taking forward the family legacy and taking Amawat to the next level. We want to make it a popular brand and a household name, and we are working to realize it,” said Ravish Goyal.

“What differentiates our mouth fresheners and other products from others is that our products are made of natural ingredients and are healthy. We want people to consume healthy items instead of sugar-coated stuff which offer no nutritional benefit but are on the contrary harmful to health. Our products are made of traditional ingredients and are certified,” explained Ravish Goyal.

Amawat’s wide range of digestive items includes Imli addoo, Heeng Goli, Kaccha Aam Kerry, and Anardana Goli. Its variety of mouth fresheners includes Nazrana mix, kesar mixture, coconut mouth freshener, roasted fennel seed, roasted coriander seed, and Mughal-E-azam mouth freshener. Calcutta paan and Gulkand paan are among its paan varieties. Its other products include mix fruit jelly, amla candy, and different types of aam papads.

“Whether you want something sweet or savory, spicy or sour—we have something for everyone! So go ahead and try out one of Amawat’s mouth fresheners/mukhwas today—you won’t regret it!” said Ravish Goyal.

Mukhwas is a healthy habit. Our aim is that every household eat mukhwas after every meal.

The new Amawat brand is looking to make a big splash in the Indian market for mouth fresheners. If he succeeds in executing his plan effectively then it won’t be long before we all start reaching out for an Amawat for a post meal snack!

We wish Ravish Goyal and the Amawat team all the best with their ambitious plan. May they achieve success in their mission!

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