Bageshwar Baba All Praises for the Osho Rajneesh and His movement. Travels With Swami Anand Arun, Founder of Tapoban International Commune in Kathmandu 

New Delhi (India), September 11: Bageshwar Baba, aka Dhirendra Krishna Shastri; one of the most followed Indian gurus of current times; recently visited Nepal to address its people. During this visit, Baba met with Swami Anand Arun, the founder of the Osho Tapoban International commune in Kathmandu, a disciple of Osho and the leading man behind the continued success of the Neo Sannyas and Osho movement across Nepal. During this meeting, Swami Anand Arun gifted Baba with multiple Osho books and discourses by Osho Rajneesh. Baba also invited Swami Anand Arun to Chitwan to accompany him in his tours, where they spent a couple days together, discussing the Osho movement and human consciousness at length. 

Bageshwar Baba has spoken very highly of the Osho movement and Osho Rajneesh. Amongst which, Baba has stated that Osho Rajneesh faced many challenges and disrespect for taking the world by storm with his revolutionary methods and meditation techniques. Baba, himself from Madhya Pradesh like Osho, also added that he is inspired by the courage with which Rajneesh Osho continued his movement to success, despite the challenges faced by him from the world over. Post meeting with Swami Anand Arun, Bageshwar Baba, a new age, young guru  that millions follow, listens to Osho discourses and reads Osho books everyday. Baba has further stated in his talks in Nepal, that there are two great saints to walk the journey of evolving human consciousness at large. One is Gorakhnath and the other is Osho Rajneesh. 

The Osho movement was at its peak between 1970 and 1990, before Osho Rajneesh left his body. The movement is unique in its approach as it highlights that one need not renounce the material world to attain god consciousness. Osho Rajneesh was a controversial figure during his time, and continues to be, because of his bold discourses connecting sex with spirituality, and for his RE-introduction of traditional Sannyas as Neo Sannyas, which does not require a Sannyasin to renounce the world. Rajneesh also refuted the existence of God, stating that, ‘there is no God, only godliness.’ This was to imply that there is no god to be found outside of the self. However, calling himself ‘Bhagwan’, Rajneesh proclaimed that each one of us can attain god consciousness within the self. This, for the time, was a huge shock for the blind faith believers of God in India and the world over. The Osho movement attracted thousands of devotees and followers from around the world, both at his Poona Ashram as well as the lavish Rajneeshpuram in the state of Oregon. 

Bageshwar Baba, spoke in support of the bold and courageous approach taken by Osho Rajneesh, to expand his movement. Baba has mentioned to Swami Anand Arun, ‘aapke saath toh janam janam ka rishta hai’ (we have a relationship over many lifetimes). Baba has also promised to RE-visit Nepal within the next three months and has expressed his desire to stay at the Osho Tapoban International commune in Kathmandu during the visit. 

With leading traditional Indian gurus like Murari Bapu and Bageshwar Baba recognizing and supporting the Osho and Neo Sannyas movement in Nepal, it maybe time to reopen the chapters of the movement and Osho Rajneesh himself in India too.

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