Get ready for a thrilling web series ‘Suicide? – Haqeeqat ya Kshadyantra’

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July 9: The upcoming web series ‘Suicide? – Haqeeqat ya Kshadyantra’ recently released their first look and also did their poster launch in the capital. The lead actor Aaryputra, along with the Director – Avinash Bawankar and the Executive Producer – Aditya Garg hosted the launch event and cleared the air around this web series is a biopic of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Our team got the chance to speak with the lead actor of the web series. Excerpts of the interview below:

  1. a) Please tell us about your upcoming web series

It’s a Web Series – ‘Suicide? Haqeeqat ya Kshadyantra’. It is a story of a struggling actor who doesn’t get what he deserves despite his talent. Eventually, his life ends in a mysterious and unacceptable manner/circumstance. There are multiple layers in the series that unfold with every episode keeping the audience glued to their screen, we believe. This series is going to be focused on the darkness behind all the limelight that people show.

The story is going to be very intriguing for every common man and is going to be a roller coaster ride of emotions. We can’t wait to hit the screens and see the viewer’s reaction. There’s so much in store in each episode for the viewers.

  1. b) Please share details about the main cast and crew for ‘Suicide? – Haqeeqat ya Kshadyantra’ 

We are only going to reveal the character that I am playing in the web series as the lead actor. Not much can be revealed about the remaining cast of the movie yet.

The key members behind the making of this web series include Director – Avinash Bawankar and the Executive Producer – Aditya Garg. Question Associates (Q&A) is the media promotion partner for the web series. The company is based in Delhi and is owned and run by Ruhi Ganguly. The whole team of ‘Suicide? Haqeeqat ya Kshadyantra’ has left no stone unturned to make the web series a must-watch for all people across ages and regions.

  1. c) When and how did you think of choosing acting as a career?

Like many of the contemporary Btown actors, acting was not my dream profession since childhood but yes, I knew I had a keen interest in cinema. In the back of my mind, acting was there in my perspective and I felt passionate about it. The 2019 lockdown gave me a chance to explore myself and motivated me to follow my passion. I really relate my life to one of the famous dialogue in the web series – “Hero toh main bachpan se hoon, film ab release ho rahi hai”.

Apart from my acting career, I have also taken up the role of a producer for a few movies. I am a part of another film (which is also my debut movie) under the same production house (Rocket Rays) – Veer Narayan Singh The Battle of Sonakhan, a biopic on Shree Veer Narayan Singh Ji.

I believe that everyone is an actor in their daily life; some get to relive it on the silver screen. I’m trying my luck too. I am a businessman too so being a Producer is something that I wanted to try my hands on and I think it is going to be a good decision that I will cherish in the future.

  1. d) Share some insights into your Bollywood journey so far and some exciting project that you might be working on

I have been lucky enough to have bagged a couple of really good films/web series at the beginning of my career. One of them being  ‘Suicide? Haqeeqat ya Kshadyantra’ and the other one – Veer Narayan Singh The Battle of Sonakhan.

My Bollywood debut is with the movie – Veer Narayan Singh The Battle of Sonakhan – a biopic on Veer Narayan Singh The Battle of Sonakhan (Chhattisgarh First Martyr), and Freedom fighter Saga 1795-1857 due on 2nd Oct release, Teaser out on YouTube.

  1. e) Do you think this pandemic is going to affect the reach of your web series?

The entire entertainment sector has suffered huge losses owing to the pandemic and so many movies and web series have been shelved as an outcome of the lockdown. But now the makers are well aware of the situation and have learned to deal with the situation effectively. OTT platforms through which the new movies and web series are now being released have a set format of marketing and buzz creation for maximum impact. So, surprisingly, this pandemic will help me and the entire team in reaching out to the audience as everyone is well aware of upcoming movies/series and their storyline.

YouTube link to the first look of this web series that has been launched on YouTube –