The Spiritual Journey of a Celebrated Philanthropist – Krishna Priya Ji

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Krishnapriya Ji Biography

Pujya Krishnapriya Ji, is a famous spiritual orator, Motivational speaker, and young social worker.  She is a popular figure not only in India but all over the world for her discussions and conversations on scientific as well as spiritual truths.

Born in Vrindavan, Mathura, and Uttar Pradesh to a Brahmin Family, Krishnapriya Ji had an environment of devotion and god’s virtue since childhood as she saw her mother devoted to the almighty. Along with her studies, Krishnapriya Ji was engrossed in bhajans and devotional activities from a very young age. Although she was a bright student, her curiosity in spirituality and the divine effect in her voice since childhood which spell-bounded every listener, inclined her towards her divine interest.

During her early years, Krishnapriya Ji used to visit the famous Shri Banke Bihari Ji temple in Vrindavan with her mother. She used to sing beautiful bhajans which even got the attention of many great saints who were captivated by her devotion to Thakurji. She kept moving forward on the path of spirituality.

Krishnapriya Ji received guidance from Shri RupKishor Das Ji Maharaj in 2003, who was a spiritual saint of Vrindavan. To this day, she describes it as one of the most precious moments of her life as this experience transformed her entire life; she decided to devote her entire life to spread the wisdom learned from the Bhagavad Katha.

By the grace of God almighty, Krishnapriya Ji performed her first Bhagwat Katha sermon in the Simhastha Kumbh Mela held in Ujjain (2004). All the saints gathered there praised her melodious voice and the strong, captivating storytelling style. She has continued her conversations and recitations on Bhagavad Gita, Shriram Katha, Shri Shiv Maha Puraan, Bhakt Maal ki Katha and other religious stories worldwide. She is one of the flag bearers of the amazing values of Sanskrit and Sanatan Dharma all over the world. Presently at the age of 23, Krishnapriya Ji has successfully performed more than 360 Bhagavad  Katha and has millions of followers, disciples all over the world who seek her guidance, follow the path of divinity, and gain wisdom from her teachings.

Along with the spiritual work, Krishnapriya Ji also is an avid social worker and works for the contributions to the society and welfare of the people.

Krishnapriya Ji founded the ‘Chain Bihari Seva Trust’ later renamed the Chain Bihari Ashraya Foundation, in the name of Lord Krishna in the year 2013. It is located in Mahavan Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, and has its branches in several states of the country. The foundation believes philanthropy to be the greatest religion and its impactful works are as follows –

  1. Proper care and treatment to be provided to the sick and homeless cows roaming on the streets. They are cared for and served at the Gaushala for a lifetime.
  2. Currently, more than 100 cows are being taken care of at the Gaushala. However, this initiative has evolved to build a huge cowshed that would be able to feed more than 1000 vulnerable and indigent cows.
  3. Aside from spiritual advocacy in the poor rural and tribal regions, Krishnapriya Ji assists them in improving their education systems, establishing medical camps for malnourished children, and distributing food and medications to the needy.
  4. At old age homes, Krishnapriya Ji oversees and provides all the medical care and treatment assistance required by the elderly citizens.
  5. Krishnapriya Ji has made India proud by unfurling the flag of Sanatan Dharma and the teaching of Indian culture all over the world by holding her sermons in countries like San Francisco (USA), Houston Texas (USA), Denpasar Bali (Indonesia), Kathmandu (Nepal), Thailand, Sydney, Australia, etc.