Ramagya Theatre Lab throws open opportunities for youth by nurturing their creative talent

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, Ramagya Group, the Ramagya Theatre Lab has embarked on a journey to open new professional possibilities for theatre aspirants across India with a vision to support artists and channelise their creative energies.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], July 14: An initiative of Ramagya Group, the Ramagya Theatre Lab provides an uplifting creative ground to theatre enthusiasts, literature aficionados, and everyone looking for the holistic development of self by experiencing the magic of performing arts. It is open for anyone who wishes to learn, enjoy, and appreciate diverse aspects of theatre life and walk into the realm of acting.

According to Ramagya Theatre Lab, Theatre is not just stagecraft, but it is a means to express oneself. Like any other form of art, it requires diligent practice, patience, and dedication. Theatre has the power to illuminate, transform, and heal. It can connect communities by bringing together a diverse audience encompassing all ages and backgrounds. It is indeed a perfect amalgamation of engagement, entertainment, and education.

Speaking further on the importance of theatre, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, Ramagya Group, said, “In a world addicted to technology, theatre provides an outlet for making creative choices, thinking new ideas, and interpreting the material in expressive ways that are the essence of drama. We have a responsibility to nurture, honour, and respect the imagination of our youth. While fables, fairy tales, and myths stimulate intuitive thinking and encourage the possibility of mystery and magic in our lives, playing, practicing, and performing develop a sustained focus of mind, body, and voice which helps with other areas of life including school. In this regard, we also have a responsibility to reach out to children and families who may not otherwise have access to the unique kind of artistic and educational experiences that we provide.”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta has picked up a mission to bring the experience of theatre into the life of youth as it is essential for children to thrive.  Under his visionary leadership, the Ramagya Theatre Lab has now embarked on a journey to open new professional possibilities for theatre aspirants across India with a vision to support artists and channelise their creative energies.

Mr. Gyanendra Singh, Founder, Ramagya Theatre Lab who is an eminent theatre practitioner, renowned for his unique approach towards acting, said, “Ramagya Theatre Lab is synthesized to create a vibe of freedom and sense of discovering oneself”. 

Ramagya Theatre Lab recently organised a one-week workshop for aspiring actors across the country. The workshop was held online to adapt to the new norms of the pandemic. This workshop was designed for beginners to help them understand complex things in simple straight concepts. This workshop was not just about theoretical concepts, but also to learn practical and important aspects to become a great actor and be successful in the entertainment industry. This workshop helped them to start from the basics and the techniques to become a good actor.

The participants also got a good idea of how to start their acting career, as many of them very taking the first step into the world of acting. They learned how to be professional and understood basic techniques of getting into a character to deliver exceptional performance. As the theatre was the centre of learning in the workshop, students also got a fair glimpse of what to do as an actor in day-to-day life to improve on their skills, like various methods to work on body, voice, and mind. The significance of reading, observation, and maintaining a healthy and good routine was also taught to help students adopt a lifestyle required to grow as an actor.

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