Krishna – The complete personality

Authored Article by Snehansh Pandit

August 30: Before beginning my article, I would like to apologize if my words and ideas do not align with the mindset of any reader. These are my thoughts about Lord Krishna, and I equally respect all Gods and Goddesses. My article aims to convey some useful information about Lord Krishna, which will enlighten the path of people diving into spirituality. This article by no means contains any part or in full any information that has already been copyrighted or published in any research work.

Lord Krishna is a complete personality. He is a naughty child, a teacher, a guide, the greatest philosopher, a magician, a singer, a musician, a dancer, an artist, a true friend, a person who loves all, a person loved by all, and ultimately the preserver of our existence and this whole universe. It is believed that all the animals of the forest and all the 33 crore demigods gathered and listened patiently when Sri Krishna blew his flute. It shows the artistic side of the Lord. There is no need to introduce anyone to the childlike mischiefs of Sri Krishna that he performed in Gokul. The Lord’s Raas Leela with Gopis is famous worldwide. Lord Krishna also proved himself as a true friend when he gave Sudama a whole palace and washed his feet despite being the king of Dwarika. God can only do it as Sri Krishna has no ego. Ego is the characteristic of human beings; one who abstains from this negative quality can come one step closer to God.

Lord Krishna proved that he was a good teacher and guide when he guided Arjuna at every moment in the war of Mahabharata, as Arjuna’s charioteer. God proved that he was also the greatest philosopher when he recited the verses of Bhagavat Gita, also known as the “Song of the God”. Lord Krishna also has a big heart and can forgive anyone. He forgave Shishupala until he abused Sri Krishna for the 100th time. He also forgave the hunter who killed him by mistaking God as a deer. Sri Krishna forgave the hunter with a smile. Madhav proved his love for everyone when he gave place to every Gopi in his heart and saved devotees like Mirabai. How much do people love Sri Krishna can be understood by the fact that all the people cried when Sri Krishna didn’t return to Vrindavan.

God with charming eyes always remains ready to save everyone and, ultimately, the whole universe. Sri Krishna saved the people of his village for seven days by lifting Govardhan Parvat on his finger. He protected people from many fierce demons, including Kamsa, Narkasura, Bakasura, Kalia Naag, Putana, and many more. Lord Krishna, as Lord Vishnu’s incarnation, always protects the world by reincarnating in every Yuga. He was born in Tretayuga as Sri Rama and killed 13,000 demons; he was born in Dwaparyuga as Sri Krishna and established the path of righteousness. It is believed that he will again take birth in Kaliyuga to protect this world from the evils. All the creatures need not worry as Sri Krishna will remain till time infinite and will always protect his devotees from all odds and hurdles in life. No one can kill a creature if Krishna wants to protect it. Chanting the name of Sri Krishna can purify one from many sins. Chanting his name can give one the feeling of divine bliss. Sri Krishna has also mentioned in Gita that understanding him and his true form can liberate one from the cycle of birth and death and can provide ‘Moksha’. The Lord also tells that the thing one meditates at the last moment of their life decides their destiny. Thus, if one meditates on Lord Krishna and remembers his feet at the death bed, they can attain the peace of ‘Vaikuntha’ and can ultimately attain ‘Moksha’.