The Entrepreneurial Journey of Ajit Singh Chaddha

New Delhi, Sep 26: It takes a lot to become a successful entrepreneur and a businessman. You not only strive to achieve your dreams but also introduce new ideas to society. Additionally, one needs to possess excellent organizational and people management skills to build the organization or the venture from scratch. To ensure the success of the firm, they must also work well with other stakeholders.

Ajit Singh Chaddha is one of those established and significant entrepreneurs, businessmen, and social activists who have broken all the obstacles of the path and have set an example to the world. He is one of the inspirational leaders of India that today’s generation looks up to as an inspiration. He is associated with various prestigious projects and technologies spread over different parts of the world.

The Journey of Success-

The journey to success is never easy. An entrepreneur encounters many obstacles in addition to pulls, pushes, and many other driving forces along the way. They need to evolve, improvise and cope with uncertainties. The journey to the top was arduous for Mr Singh as well. Even after experiencing pains, barriers, and sufferings, he was more determined to “make something of himself” from these events. The internal driving forces helped him solve his problems to actualize new business potential against all odds.

He was born in the beautiful city of offerings, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, 1st March 1972. At a very early age, he realized and observed the growing opportunities in central and western India. In a bid for a successful career, he shifted his focus to Lucknow in 1989.

Mr Chaddha’s new growth strategy resonated with his vision for the future, and this was the break he was looking for, and afterwards, there was no turning back. The connections and network that Mr Chaddha built with the corporate bigwigs and elite grew exponentially, so did the opportunities.

Mr Chaddha then gradually shifted shores from Mumbai to Dubai, UAE, which helped him develop dexterity and increased his impetus to fructify his dreams and take them to the next level.

As time passed, Mr Chaddha realized that in the age of blockchain technology and the rise of bitcoin and Ethereum as digital currencies, digital assets are the only way forward became clear. The development of blockchain technology and blockchain-based currencies like bitcoin and Ethereum only strengthened Chaddha’s viewpoint that asset digitization is the only way for assets to move forward.

We must resonate with the reality that success does not depend on just resoluteness, thoughts, and innovative strategies unless they find a ground for execution. To make it happen, you must create the opportunity for yourself. Mr Chaddha, with all his efforts and dedication, has successfully managed to reach the top and spread his reach and contacts with global leaders.

Current Projects-

In his latest project, Mr Chaddha is creating a hybrid provably reliable blockchain that will allow for up to 30000 transactions per second and 2 million writes and incorporate the hyper ledger blockchain fabric with its byzantine fault tolerance architecture.

His current project of DEFITT is planning to enter the Indian market along with his exchange which will be one of a kind. He has assured that investors will receive security and account feasibility with an easy to use interface.


DEFItt is a decentralized digital currency that is free of complete censorship and accessible to anyone. It is built on the BEP-20 token standard, powered by the Binance Smart Contract Blockchain. DEFItt aims to give financial freedom by decreasing boundaries and being supportive of individual and business opportunities. It is associated with the cryptocurrency market, which has never been more transparent, lets users transact at lower prices. Through crypto data, it gives a real-time understanding of transaction volumes. DEFItt transactions are on transparent open-access blockchains, which are visible to anyone on the network at all times. A wide range of users uses DEFItt, including individuals, businesses, and exchanges. It is an investment vehicle that helps investors gain profits. Users can send, receive, trade, store, buy and sell with DEFItt.

Financial Tech Token (fTT)-

Financial Tech Token-FTT is a buy, sell, store and earn enabler. It runs on Binance Smart Chain, which adheres to the BEP-20 standard. FTT does not suffer from the price volatility associated with cryptocurrencies since it directly links to real-world assets. It maintains price stability with an advantageous transactional speed. Since it runs on the Binance blockchain, FTT provides speedy processing, anonymity, and security. It allows individuals and businesses to transact almost immediately and with minimal fees. It offers stable, secured, and sustainable financial infrastructure so users can focus on growing their core business and cater to their other needs. FTT is paired with DEFItt, a decentralized token, giving users more options.

DEFItt Verticals-

  • DEFITT Play– One-of-a-kind gaming site enabling users to play and win FTT. The games include Casino, Betting, and line games.
  • DEFI Start up– A Perfect platform to bridge the gap of your dreams. Your project can yield you the results that you have been looking to achieve. If you submit your project, they will connect you with the right investors who can help you financially and strategically.
  • DEFI TradeX– You can buy and sell any cryptocurrency. The market will determine the worth of the currency. You can also interchange and convert any cryptocurrencies here.
  • DEFI Buzaar– An E-commerce solution for all your needs. It provides high-quality products from the world to your doorsteps. Get products and services ranging from flight bookings to grocery shopping. It promotes small and medium businesses into the world market.
  • DEFI Swipe Card– the Visa Debit Card will offer you all possibilities to pay daily! Unlimited all over the world. Take the chance and go shopping with your loved ones once and bring a smile to the face just by having your swipe card on your side.
  • DEFI Kampus– Kampus provides access to Universities and Colleges around the world. You can study varieties of course and show the world that it is easy to achieve.
  • DEFI Landscape– It offers you high potential clients who are able to buy your property, even outside the country. Without any disruption, you can have immediate access to your money.
  • DEFI Nirvana– It provides worldwide access to the Best Doctors, Hospitals, and nutritional’s. It believes health is all about eating good food and being active. You can search for the right treatment and get it done.

An entrepreneur with social responsibilities-

Ajit Singh Chaddha is a perfect example of an entrepreneur.

When Mr Chaddha’s business prospered, he stepped outside of his comfort zone and started thinking of adding a social aspect to the fabric of his character. His charitable contributions total more than 50 million dollars, and he takes care of countless underprivileged families. His household and charity work cover all regions and religions due to his secular nature. He has made an Ann Daan center in Ambernath, Maharashtra. With the establishment of a Sikh gurudwara in Iran, followed by the construction of a Shiv mandir in Kashmir, another one in Kerala, Mr Singh has contributed a lot to society. He rallied around the Sikhs when they were not allowed to wear turbans in Europe, leading a delegation to the authorities who finally agreed to his demands, and now the Sikhs can continue to wear their turbans with pride.

Mr Chaddha is one of the role models for youth who hope to emulate him. He is known as a leader and influencer who believes that the future is incredibly bright digitally, and one must not stop following their dreams.