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Mithiwood Film Festival’22, with BITBNS, marks its presence in 100+ countries!

November 27: Mithiwood Film Festival is the annual international inter-collegiate film festival organized solely by the students of Mithibai College.

Mithiwood Film Festival has had an immensely productive run in just three years. By 2021, they have achieved a reach in 100+ countries, an accumulated viewership of 4 lakh+ and associations with 80+well-known celebrities.

Mithiwood Film Festival’22 has associated with BITBNS, the online trading platform, as their Title Sponsor. In 2022, Mithiwood Film Festival aims to have a higher and better presence in the world with the captivating theme of ‘Into The Cinematic Kaleidoscope’ and multiple fun, exciting events, better collaborations, and, in collaboration with Mithibai Film Society, their first very own short film! Aside from the short film, Mithiwood has already organized and executed a nationwide event called ‘Paint with Passion’ with an unprecedented huge response!

“Mithiwood Film Festival is the biggest and only short film festival organized by any college. In such a short and unprecedented time, the festival has reached unimaginable heights with a reach in 100 + countries, and we’ve already broken last year’s viewership record even before initiating this year’s festival. I am immensely proud of all that the students and the faculty have achieved. The devotion and enthusiasm that everyone involved has shown are remarkable, and I’m anticipating that Mithiwood Film Festival will continue to thrive more and more in the subsequent years”, is what Krutika Desai, I/C Principal of Mithibai College, has to say about the festival.

Ankit Jalan, the Chairperson of Mithiwood Film Festival’22, asserts, “I have been a part of Mithiwood since its inception, and over the years, it has become an indispensable part of my life. The festival has given me a lot, and this year, it’s my chance to give back and help grow the festival to new heights. We have a lot of new things planned for this year, one of them being the short film, and we have already established a presence in 100+ countries which is a major milestone for the festival! We are delighted to have BITBNS as our Title Sponsor, and I have an incredible team around me whom I trust explicitly to make this year’s Mithiwood Film Festival the best!”


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