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The Book Flight – Young Entrepreneur Launches India’s First Flights Only Booking App and Travel Solution For Travel Agents

January 17: With its best in-house travel experts, travel solutions, and 6+ years of experience, The Book Flight (TBF), is set to become one of India’s first only Flight booking platforms and solutions providers. The Punjab-based online booking platform empowers its customers across India with genuinely priced, personalized, and satisfactory global flight travel solutions, especially flight tickets with no convenience fee charges.

Becoming one of India’s fastest-growing flight travel agencies takes a lot of work. To have such a huge global impact on wanderlust travelers, personalized advice from the best travel industry experts such as The Book Flight online flight booking website is a must. From offering an extensive collection of reasonable flight deals to making traveling across the globe hassle-free, such online flight booking websites are changing the way how customers travel aboard.

The Book Flight, also known as TBF is a leading Business to Business and Business to Consumer online flight booking platform that is on a consistent mission to make flight traveling across the globe as seamless as possible. Their knowledgeable and experienced travel experts, along with up-to-date technology ensure a smooth and efficient travel experience.

Providing their customers and associated travel agents with a good range of latest and good booking deals on airline bookings, etc. is another socially acclaimed benefit offered by The Book Flight to all of them.

In the latest interview with the founder of The Book Flight company, Akash Kumar, he said, “I am very mindful of every step I take in generating and converting the leads for my business. So, whether it comes to marketing my business, handling queries, query conversation, app development, website development, or any other business venture, I look it into it single-handedly for the best results.”

Recently, the online flight booking agency brought in over 1800 travel agencies in over 30 day time frame. The company also recorded a sales quarterly revenue of 60 lakhs. Presently, the company is in search of funding to help them achieve their 50 crore company evaluation target.

The only flight booking platform, The Book Flight, also aims to help small travel agents to commence with their travel agency business with a good markup. With the sole objective to encourage all these small travel agents and gain a good experience to groom their travel agency overall.

The Book Flight also caters to customers with a unique sense of tastes and flight travel requirements. They provide them with highly personalized and tailored flight bookings to make global travel a stress-free experience for them.

Over the years, the online flight booking platform has helped thousands of their customers find affordable and worthwhile flight booking solutions. They have helped their customers realize their most vivid traveling dreams by helping them make it to their favorite travel vacations with a booking experience unlike anywhere else.

Akash Kumar, entrepreneur, engineer, and an army-brat is the founder of The Book Flight online flight booking website. With his mindful insights, the company surely seems to have a long way to go from here.

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