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India bets on e-commerce for growth in a post-pandemic era

New Delhi (India), April 15: The E-commerce industry is changing the way business is done in India. It is growing at an exponential rate and is expected to grow to US$ 350 billion from US$ 46.2 billion in 2020. Moreover, the country allows a 100% FDI in B2B e-commerce which is fuelling the industry’s expansion plans.

This growth in the industry is often attributed to the increase in internet penetration in India. As smartphones and the internet became accessible to more and more people, the number of online shoppers increased. This led to the current state where the online shopper base in India is third only to US and China.

The industry held its own despite a global pandemic that affected almost every business out there. E-commerce players registered impressive sales growth, which fortified the industry’s growth capacity.

This rampant growth is fuelling direct and indirect jobs in the industry. E-commerce and direct selling are leading to an entrepreneurial mindset shift in the country. Direct selling has provided small business owners the option to sell their products and services directly to their consumers.

Connecting with the progressive vision of the industry, domain players like Soumo Rudra has been direct selling for eight years. He says around 15-20% of his global network of over 2000 distributors have quit their job to become full-timers. Rather than being job seekers, youngsters are now looking to become job creators.

The increase in entrepreneurs in a developing country like India is vital. As Nandan Nilekani says in his book ‘Imagining India’ about his vision for the country in 2050- ‘The country will need more entrepreneurs.’ For this, we need to encourage more and more young people to do something on their own.

People like Soumo Rudra are a key factor in this. After working for over a decade as a professional in the IT industry, he set on his entrepreneurial journey. He and his team are now sharing their experiences with budding entrepreneurs helping them achieve financial freedom and creating jobs for others in the process. Speaking from his experience, Soumo Rudra says, “The e-commerce industry has the potential to fulfill the aspirations of the new generation of entrepreneurs.”

Soumo and his team are now looking to expand their operations to several parts of the world, including the US, the UK, and Dubai. Their prime focus is to target the rural areas, for they believe this is where they can bring about real change. This kind of change would eventually lead to the country’s development and harbor the foundation for a better society.

The promising growth of the e-commerce industry can fuel the entrepreneurial aspirations of the youngsters in the country. It is high time we channelize this to generate employment and revenue.

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7 thoughts on “India bets on e-commerce for growth in a post-pandemic era

  1. I also did my entrepreneur journey last 2 years.. I understand 1 thing i am working for corporate 8 years till I became the same person and I badly wanted to come out this situation so that’s why I started my journey from 2019 parralally my job.
    I hope I’ll quit my 9 to 5 job very soon by god grace.

    Thank you Soumo da for inspiring 1000 of peoples and helped them to became an entrepreneur.

    Mridul Adhikary

  2. I am also in this entrepreneurship journey for last two and half years . I was introduced to this awesome opportunity in 2019 by God grace.Being a working woman,a mother of a 5 yrs old daughter ,I really wanted something which will help me to overcome the hardles of daily life.I am thankful to God for this wonderful opportunity and I hope I will be free from my 9 to 5 job very soon by God grace.
    Thank you soumo Rudra da for inspiring and helping us every day to become a entrepreneur 🙏❤️
    We feel so proud of you🙏💐

  3. We are blessed to be part of your team Soumo bhai! Great learning and discipline changed by personal and professional life!!! Of course money is a bi product…

  4. It’s been 4 years working in this Industry…left corporate 3 years back…I have now realised…it was the bestest decision till now….I know Soumo Da personally and he played a very crucial role in my journey…It’s his vision that inspired me to gather courage to start entrepreneurship…Talking about the industry…it’s the future…next 5 years it ll bring revolution…

  5. I am blessed to have a person like Souma Da and thanks to God for giving me this life to change others life.

  6. Last 5 years has been a dream project……the journey with the best minds on earth and such clarity on the mission and goal focussed working! Thank you Soumo bhaiiii ❣️ for making this effort less with your experience!!! Striving to create a global footprint and a legacy worth this billion dollar industry!

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