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Newton Biocapital implements PE Front Office to manage its Deal Pipeline

This engagement enables Newton Biocapital to streamlines its entire deal evaluation and tracking process – from due diligence to commitment.

New Delhi, July 13: PE Front Office, the end-to-end integrated solution for Alternative Investment Management, announced that Newton Biocapital, a Belgium-based venture capital fund, has implemented PE Front Office to manage its deal pipeline efficiently.

This engagement enables Newton Biocapital to utilize the PE Front Office solution for streamlining their entire deal evaluation and tracking process — from due diligence to commitment.

Speaking on this association, Danny Gonnissen (COO, Newton Biocapital) said “A speedy and smooth implementation and we look forward to using the PE Front Office platform to efficiently manage deal opportunities from Europe and Japan”

Raghav Gupta (Senior Director, PE Front Office) said, “We are glad to onboard Newton Biocapital as our customer. We look forward to working with and fully supporting the Newton Biocapital team.”

About Newton Biocapital

Newton Biocapital is a venture capital fund incorporated in Belgium, focused on financing biotech and life science projects in the “core of Europe”​(B, NL, D, F) and Japan for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Newton Biocapital’s mission is to support the creation of innovative but affordable solutions that will greatly improve the quality of life of patients suffering from chronic diseases.

About PEFront Office

PE Front Office is the only comprehensive and integrated suite of products that have been developed with a focus on the front and middle office processes for alternative investment management – Private Credit/Debt, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Fund of Funds, Real Estate Funds, Limited Partners, and Fund Admins.

The PE Front Office solution is available both as a cloud-based subscription model and as one that can be deployed on the client premises. PE Front Office software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is hosted on a fully secure, virtual, private cloud that is dedicated and exclusive to each customer.

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