Glam Onn Calendar 2023 thematic world promises to bring back those iconic Bollywood trends that got folks at the edge of the seats

Parimal Mehta, CEO, Blanckanvas Media Pvt. Ltd

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 10: Here’s to starting 2023 with a stellar, glamorous photoshoot that will recreate iconic moments from blockbusters given to us by our very own film industry. Glam Onn calendar, 2023, will follow a thematic world and promises to bring back those iconic Bollywood trends that got us at the edge of our seats, filled with plush emotions.

The project is set to be helmed by the team at Blanckanvas, a group of creative individuals that often go sideways and produce content that leaves us in awe. This is Blanckanvas’ 4th installation in the calendar series, fulfilling an overwhelming response that came from the last two. The theme for this year’s calendar is locked under the name of “Be Bollywood” and is set to capture the evergreen essence of iconic characters through their very style. It will closely follow the apparel worn by stars themselves while filming scenes from hits like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Padmavat, Bahubali, Ram-Leela, Devdas and many more.

While the theme, costumes and vibe for this year are set, the calendar would still need a super-cast, a renowned photographer, a seasoned makeup crew and an ace stylist to be a part of this project. So Blanckanvas went out and did what they certainly do best – sign a solid crew! This year’s calendar will feature stars from the fashion industry and Bollywood itself. Actors like Anupriya Goenka, Vishal Singh, Shruti Sinha, Srishty Rode, Mir Sarwar, Mrunal Jain, Arti Singh, Nyra Banerjee, Rajiv Adatia, Tanya Sharma, Asmita Sood, Karishma Modi, are set to join the calendar among many others and turn up the heat. But what’s a calendar without supermodels? Staying true to the tradition, the team went on to sign supermodels like Prateikk Jain, Vaibhav Maurya, Jitesh Nikam, Kavita Kharayat, Iris Maity, Manasi Moghe, Pooja Singh, Lakshya Sharma and Vaibhav Maurya. With the casting through, it was now time to get a visionary on board who also had the ability to seamlessly execute the planned photographs. Sayan Sur Roy, a renowned photographer in the industry who has seasoned experience working with celebrities, is all set to helm this project with Blanckanvas. But it doesn’t end there, does it? To complete the crew and make the calendar a raging success, the team still needed an able stylist who could not only capture the essence of these Bollywood hits but could also bring in a fresh flavour of originality and lay it all down to fit perfectly in a recreation sequence of iconic Bollywood moments. Rehan Shah, a celebrity stylist, showed keen interest in being part of the calendar, and it was certainly a no-brainer to have him on board as the lead stylist on the project. To fit in the last piece of the puzzle, an element that cannot go unnoticed and an obvious factor to influence the project’s success was a team of make-up artists that have the ability to go full glam but also know how to steer clear of making it look like an overdone job. Consequently, the Bombay School of Makeup & Hair were hired to do the job.

Furthermore, the project will be powered by Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers and co-powered by Amaze1. IRA Women are set to be content partners, and Nikon India Pvt. Ltd., the best in the business of cameras, have signed up as Shot on a partner. Parimal Mehta, the CEO at Blanckanvas Media Pvt. Ltd., says, “We’re always looking to build affinity with projects like Glam Onn. Brands today need a strong presence, and presence is only felt with quality work. At Blanckanvas, we’re on the continuum of pursuing milestones, one after the other, with honest hard work that often produces an output that is top-notch. I’m proud to have a team that shares this philosophy, and I’m glad to have them on board for projects that test creative capabilities.”

The Glam Onn Calendar, 2023, is all set to launch in mid-January 2023 and promises to take us back and fill us with nostalgia for watching iconic Bollywood scenes.

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